Natalie Dormer | EE British Academy Film Awards, 2013

Natalie Dormer | EE British Academy Film Awards, 2013


i am that person who constantly jiggles their leg i’m s orry



*fall asleep with headphones in* *wakes up as shinji ikari* woah


Why do you tag everything scopophobia?

some ppl are triggered/unsettled by people looking right at them so i tag things with like, direct eye contact/other eye stuff. it’s not an everything tag


I started this project by being inspired by Jamie C. Moore's work. She photographed her daughter who dressed up as five amazing women who made their mark in history. And so, I decided to do the same and make it around women of the arts. 

As much as we are surrounded by art in every aspect of our life, the arts I believe doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. From my personal experience at home, the idea of a career in the arts wasn’t a “real” job and was told it would get me nowhere…especially as a women. I wanted to help open up people’s minds and expand the term of what art is. Art isn’t just painting or photography but it can be everything from music to writing to performing. There are tons of unbelievable people in the arts but I chose these eight influential ladies who I feel can empower young girls everywhere.

- Baljit Singh


From now on Im going to speak like an anime protagonist giving an inspirational speech, because….. *clenches fist* because there are people who believe in me! People who are constantly giving me strength! And even if they’re not with me right now…. *faint smile at the ground*…. They’re always sending  me their wishes a-and I want to be able to give them courage too!!!!

if i ever have a kid/kids picking names would be so rough bc i would want to choose something gender neutral, but also a lot of names i like are quite gendered, generally femininely

Alternative to platonic love


Aristotelian Love – Your partner completes you.

Newtonian Love – There’s a strong attraction between your bodies.

Freudian Love – They’re the partner of your dreams.

Lacanian Love – You want them to want you.

Foucauldian Love – You like to discipline and punish.

Hegelian Love – There’s this whole master-slave dynamic.

Shakespearean Love – Sometimes you pretend to be other people in bed.

Joycean Love – Sometimes you see other people.

Arthurian Love – One partner is married.

Schrödingerian Love – On the verge of collapse.

Heisenbergian Love – Moving fast but you don’t know where it’s going.

Heideggerian Love – When you can’t be without your partner.

Homeric Love – You’re cousins.

Lovecraftian Love – Horrible and indescribable.



my ultimate goal is to piss off other english majors by intentionally and flagrantly ignoring grammar rules in favor of stylistic internet talk

Speaking as an English/writing major myself…

this is a real fukn fun thing 2 do lol